Takeover of credit to finance a project

You want to finance a project but you have already contracted several credits? The purchase of credit integrating complementary cash is a solution to finance a project, whether it is anticipated (car / motorcycle, work, travel etc.) or unexpected (illness, divorce, etc.) and, without having to contract a new additional credit. Because, the first advantage […]

All about the mortgage

The mortgage is a benefit that is very successful right now. More and more Belgians are thinking about buying real estate. But what about the benefits and terms of this mortgage?   What is the mortgage? A mortgage is a loan that is based on the pledge of one or more real estate. It is […]

Payday loans without BIK and KRD – who can use them

Entry to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) or to the National Register of Debtors (KRD) makes it very difficult to obtain another loan. At the bank it is impossible. In an urgent financial need, however, you can take advantage of the offer of non-bank companies. The products they offer include payday loans without BIK and […]

How much do you have to earn to get a loan?

What income is sufficient to get a loan? Sooner or later everyone who plans to use this form of external financing will ask this question. This issue is particularly important for applicants for a mortgage, which applies to higher amounts than cash and is a long-term commitment. According to the BIK report published in 2016, […]

Takeover of credit to help and support his family

To offer the best to one’s children by financing their studies or by contributing to their marriage or their pacs, that can become possible by carrying out a regrouping of credits integrating a cash intended for these projects. It is natural to want to please and help loved ones, family but sometimes our means limit […]

What does the cost of the loan consist of?

The cost of credit is all the expenses borne by the consumer for applying for a loan. These include interest, commission, margin, additional fees and taxes. Notary fees are not included in the cost of the loan.   The total cost of credit – the most important information The definition of the total cost of […]

Money Tips for Occasional Workers

Occasional work is a type of work where one cannot be sure of the frequency of this job and therefore usually people who earn a living with such jobs work seasonally or in other ways, such as sprints, where a lot of work is done and then longer or smaller rest until the next job […]

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