Takeover of credit to finance a project

You want to finance a project but you have already contracted several credits? The purchase of credit integrating complementary cash is a solution to finance a project, whether it is anticipated (car / motorcycle, work, travel etc.) or unexpected (illness, divorce, etc.) and, without having to contract a new additional credit. Because, the first advantage […]

All about the mortgage

The mortgage is a benefit that is very successful right now. More and more Belgians are thinking about buying real estate. But what about the benefits and terms of this mortgage?   What is the mortgage? A mortgage is a loan that is based on the pledge of one or more real estate. It is […]

Takeover of credit to help and support his family

To offer the best to one’s children by financing their studies or by contributing to their marriage or their pacs, that can become possible by carrying out a regrouping of credits integrating a cash intended for these projects. It is natural to want to please and help loved ones, family but sometimes our means limit […]

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