Takeover of credit to finance a project

You want to finance a project but you have already contracted several credits? The purchase of credit integrating complementary cash is a solution to finance a project, whether it is anticipated (car / motorcycle, work, travel etc.) or unexpected (illness, divorce, etc.) and, without having to contract a new additional credit. Because, the first advantage of the complementary cash is that it is not really a credit but a sum of extra money quickly available, and integrated directly into the total amount of the new and unique credit.

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It is sometimes difficult to make a new project a reality when you have already contracted several credits. In order to obtain an additional amount of money while avoiding a significant debt situation, the purchase of loans incorporating additional cash is a good way to carry out a new project or to guard against unforeseen events.

Consolidation of credit to lighten your monthly payments by repaying them in an extended time, you will be able to integrate a request for cash, which will allow you, then, to implement a project.


Define the type of project you wish to implement

credit finance

Do you want to finance a project without getting additional credit? The loan consolidation with cash is a solution avoiding over-indebtedness.

Before making any request for loan redemption, you can ask about the idea of ​​a possible project: Will I need a sum of money to carry out work? To finance my child’s studies? To buy a new car? To go on a trip this summer? To plan an unexpected event in case of health concerns for my loved ones? … etc.

Once you have defined your project, you will be able to proceed with your cash pooling request.

Without compromising the overall balance of your budget, the envelope obtained can be used to carry out projects as diverse as:

  • Projects relating to real estate: works, renovation, construction, purchase of a new property, etc.
  • Projects related to your personal life: marriage, travel, birth, etc.
  • Projects related to material and concrete needs: furniture, car, motorcycle, etc.
  • Projects relating to the future of your loved ones or yours: studies, anticipation of retirement, etc.

From the moment your project is not linked to your business, to your professional activity directly, there are a multitude of possible projects. Each project is specific to the person who requests it. If it does not lead to a situation of overindebtedness and has a certain logic, in theory, any project is admissible.

A project idea? We put at your disposal many other possible projects with the grouping of credit + cash

It is after a detailed study of your request, made by your advisor, that you will be able to know if your purchase of credits with project will be possible.


How to finance a project?


Once you have defined the project you want to do, you will be able to determine your cash flow requirements. Once the amount has been specified, it will have to be integrated when you apply for online credit consolidation.

It is not always easy to determine the amount you need to complete your project. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you and assist you in its implementation as part of your request for redemption of credits.

Is my project feasible? How much do you advise me to carry out this project? … etc. So many questions that the Credgood team can answer.

To complete your application for funding, take the time to complete the online simulation form below, and you will include the amount of cash related to your project at that time. Your dedicated Credgood adviser will call you back as soon as possible following your request to exchange and respond precisely to your needs.

Your request for financing and the detailed study of your file to defend it with the banks are free and without commitment.